Office supply stores are not without their own headaches. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there reading this that either own, or manage a small business that specializes in this category. Just how many ink pens do you get stolen from every year? Well, it doesn’t have to be a lot, as long as you’re using EAS Labels to cut down on theft. The next 5 items on our list are some of the most commonly stolen office supplies.

 41. Ink Pens

 How easy is it to steal a pack of ink pens? While $4-$5 here and there may not sound like much, what if someone stole 4 packs of ink pens every single day? That’s nearly $10k in lost revenue. Those dollars add up and they add up quick. Protect your inventory with a Checkpoint Label. Even if you reduce theft by 50%, that’s 5K you’re adding right back to the bottom line with one simple solution.


42. Ink/Toner

There are some bigger tagging options out there for ink and toner, but if you’re looking for a minimalistic approach to security tagging, then an EAS Label may fit the bill. The best method of tagging is achieved by placing the Checkpoint Label inside of the packaging. Since the merchandise can still be removed from the packaging quite easily, you may need to look into other security measures if you find this doesn’t help solve your theft problem.


43. Padfolios/Planners

Ever go out and purchase a good planner? I enjoy my leather planner and I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 for it. When I purchased it, I remarked to my girlfriend how I could have easily switched the tags on the folder for a lesser priced variety. Is this the case in your store? Checkpoint Labels, with the barcode printed on it, can really cut down on the amount of loss, all while not really having an outward appearance of a security device.


44. Calculators

No, I’m not talking about those $2 calculators you can buy at any gas station. I’m talking those $250+ graphing calculators that, even after taking calculus in college, I still have no idea how to use. These are marketed towards students. Students who, in all honesty, don’t have a job and may be struggling to pay for tuition. It’s the perfect first time product to shoplift. It can be easily rationalized and if the product isn’t protected with an EAS label, even easier to steal.


45. Lighters

Ok, well this one isn’t really an “office supply” but you find these things everywhere. Pocket lighters rank as one of the world’s most commonly shoplifted item. They’re small, inexpensive and most retailers don’t bother with any type of security tagging. If you find that you’re losing more than you’re selling, EAS labels may be a viable option to help protect your merchandise.


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