Celebrity stylists do it.  Soccer moms do it. Young professionals that can’t afford to pay for an “interview” suit do it. Wardrobing is a more common practice than you may think.  You may have overheard a lady at a party even say it out loud. “Be careful and don’t spill your wine on my dress; I have to return it tomorrow.” And they’ll say it like it’s perfectly acceptable, as if they’re oblivious to the fact that it is clearly return fraud. Some blame it on the fact that they simply cannot afford a nice outfit for a wedding or a party. Some blame it on social pressure. They wouldn’t dare post a selfie wearing the same outfit twice.

Wardrobing is the act of purchasing an item with zero intentions of keeping it. The people that do this don’t purchase items like normal customers. They know the store’s return policy where they shop. They know exactly how long they have, and as long as they return it on time, they will be able to receive a full refund. They want to be able to use they products they want for free, treating retailers as if they are simply a library. Basically, they pay nothing in the end for the items they use. They may bring back high heels with scuffs on the bottoms. They may bring back a purse with crumbs in the pockets. There’s nothing more gross than a party dress with sweat stains in the armpits. However, if the customer claims they were not happy with the dress, even though it has clearly been worn, the store may have no choice but to accept the return, as long as they have their receipt and they are within the valid return time period.  And the store is the one that suffers for this type of return fraud. After the customer returns the less valuable items, if they are still salable at all, they are usually still sold at a deep discount for being used. That just eats up a retailer’s profit line.

There is a solution to wardrobing, however. It is a simple, yet extremely effective way to put a stop to free renters. The tools are called Alpha Shark Tags.They are meant to be attached to the front of a garment in a very prominent area. As for shoes and other accessories, they can also be attached via lanyard. They are bright red and call immediate attention to themselves. The customer can still try on the item in the store or in the comfort of their own home.  It does not affect the way the garment fits.  Alpha Shark Tags are designed to work as part of your store’s return policy. You can even attach a copy of that return policy to the item with the tag itself. They are to be removed at home with a simple pair of household scissors. But, once removed, the item is no longer eligible to be returned. That’s the main reason you attach it in a conspicuous area of the item. The idea is to place Alpha Shark Tags where they cannot simply be tucked away. They are designed to deter return fraud, and to send a clear message that your store does not participate in wardrobing.

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